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Lynn Maier Walthall ( California ) visiting, March 2013

Thank you to Lynn Maier Walthall for joining us and the donation to our childrens and Ketut Perti’s family.

stuff for kids

day 1

kids happy to receive toys, drawing book, and paintday 2 (2)

visiting ketut Perti

day 3

loading stuff for Ketut Perti family

day 3 (2)

the donations

day 3 (1)


website preparation

we thanks to Bapak Kunto ( Korea ) for Rp 850.000 donation for preparing our professional website.

Ketut Perti, hardship life of a family

This woman named Ketut Perti, 65 years old.

Stay at Ringdikit village north Bali.

She is in the hospital right now because of dysentery and anemia.


What makes us have to reaching our hand is the family financial background.

They are, Ketut with no husband live with her only son and his wife and one year old baby in a small old one room house. Half earthen wall covered with fabric and half wall are bamboo made. Roof are leaken everywhere. Because they have only one room, Ketut decided to stay in their balcony walled by wood and some fabrics. They live in so simple life.

?????????? ??????????

In normal condition, Ketut working to make Balinese offerings to sell to the neighbor, the son is a farm worker, work for others when they needed. While the wife is taking care their baby.


But now, since ketut was at hospital, the son has to be at hospital also to take care of his mother. No one working. Eventhough ketut treatment is covered by government (in a very standard health care), they have to pay a little. But, it was big for them the amount Rp 500.000.

They borrow the money from everywhere possible. But still there is problem, the son has to stay at hospital and feed himself and his wife at home and his baby.

We decided to help in a little, gradually.

Now they receive amount Rp 20.000 everyday as long the mother in the hospital, to keep the son able to take care of his mother. We distribute rice to their home for the wife and baby.

Later, their house and and their life we have to note.

Anyone, everyone, let share a beat for them.

For the kind donators who have already joined, thank you:

Nick Hayden

Lidwien Van Den Wollenberg

Dr. David Everett

Gede Suartika, has been sponsored

Thank you LR and family for the kindness to keep Gede going to school.

Gede will get his first sponsorship today.

thank you .

Looking for school sponsorship, for US$ 278 a year

This kid, named Gede Suartika, 10 years old

4th class in elementary school.

terima buku dari NGO dan cek seragam (2)-400

His father is a fisherman, they live in a very simple house near a lake.

On some other’s land.

While mother is just a house wife with one other young daughter.

Gede daily activity after school is helping mother to take care his sister or sometimes helping father on the lake. Not so many times to have fun.

I hope there will be one sponsor to hold their hand, to cover Gede’s school cost for him to be able to complete basic education at school. They face the difficulties to split their income to feed the family and Gede’s education.

If you are the one who will hold their hand, here are the thing you can do for them.

–          Sponsoring Gede basic education at elementary school at USD 278 a year. (today’s rate Rp 9.500 / dollar)

That is complete sponsorship which will divided in to two:

  1. School supplies (book, pen, eraser, etc) and uniform, shoes, shock, belt

For amount USD 127 for a year

  1. Pocket money for lunch Rp 5.000 / active day (6 days a week, 11 month a year)

For amount USD 151 for a year

I will send  the details for anyone interested in.

Here are some photo of their life.


Father with Gede’s  youngest sister


Their house


Their kitchen

Is there someone out there?

please contact:


Rosalie Langley;

thank you

Studying table for talented student

One kid i know out of Munduk, he is in 5th class of elementary school.

Named Gede Irvan, father name Ketut Sutarka, they are in Padang Bulia village near Singaraja town.


I visited them last week while i was doing something at Singaraja.

Gede is a very kind children, spend only a little time for playing.

Most of his time is helping parents to take care his younger sister and studying.

The interesting thing is, Gede is always at the first rank in his class since the 1st year at school.

The school also sent him to some local competition sometimes.

Now, he is preparing for a mathematics competition in sub regency level.

He must study hard.

i talked to him and heard a little story.

He actually love to learn harder compared to his classmates. But the family’s financial state is not supporting well.

Here is a photo of their kitchen. Bed room are also simple.


Gede is much hope i can support him by a table for studying. Because usually he studies on his bed or outside.

He have a small table, but it must be hard to study on it.


I propose a learning table with a chair for him since their kitchenware are still ok to use.

and here it is, he was so happy with his new table and chair. for $39 AUD.


thanks to:

– Jenny Wildy

– Lidwien Van Den Wollenberg

– Dr. David Everett


Deep condolence, has been rest in peace, Jenny Wildy our kind donator from Australia in her last time, she had seeded a charity project in north bali. may God hug her in peace and gentle light. Profile;

School supplies donation

School supplies donation

Glad to see them happy,
receiving free school supplies from NGO Make A Difference – Japan
Thanks to Shinji Ukita san & Maureen Kaslam


Information contact

+6285339366677 (ady)